Breakfasts and Other Gatherings

Informal breakfasts are organised for Men and Women from time to time and take place in The Stables or at commercial establishments out and about in Broadland.

Visit the Diary page to find the next meeting of interest to you.

Men's Breakfasts

Our Men's breakfasts are open to all Christian men of any denomination. The aim is to have fellowship and support each other over an informal breakfast. They are followed by a short talk. Our mission is to reach out to others with Christian men inviting friends and non Christians to a breakfast that is informal and welcoming to see Christ's love shining through.

01692 670464

Women's Breakfasts

These follow the same pattern as the Men's Breakfasts

Jane Skivington 01692 582091

Other Men's Gatherings

These are arranged from time to time on Thursday mornings at at 10:00 at various venues where a cuppa is available.

01692 670464

Ladies Meetings

The Lydia Fellowship International was founded in England 1970. Named after Lydia in Acts 16 v 13-15, who met with other women to pray. The Lord opened her heart to the word of God. It is a trans-denominational group.

We meet monthly on the third Thursday between 10:00-12:00 in each other's houses for Bible meditation, and prayer for his church, the community, country and the world.

01692 670464