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BMS World Mission is a Christian mission organisation, working in around 35 countries on four continents.

BMS workers and partners strive every day to make Jesus known and share the full life he brings. From legal work to surgery, food projects to education, BMS works with local partners, providing help where it is most needed, among the most marginalised and least evangelised people in the world. We do this thanks to the support of UK Christians, individuals and churches, who share our vision for a world made better through Christ's grace.

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Stalham Baptist Church gives 5% of all general offerings to this cause. From time to time receive letters and even visits from the particular missionary workers that we are supporting. One such letter begins...

Paul and Sarah Brown

April 2017

Paul & Sarah Brown

Dear Friends

We always feel like we are saying Happy New Year, but living in a country that actively celebrates 3 New Year’s per year it’s hard not to get involved. So again... Happy New Year 2560!

13th – 15th April is when Thai New Year is celebrated, it is called Songkran - Water Festival. When the temperature hits 40 degrees Celsius and above, it is the perfect time for Thailand’s Songkran Water Festival, to cool down! The festival starts off on a serious note, by honouring the elders, pouring fragrant water & flowers in their hands...and then... It’s time for the largest water fight across the whole of Thailand for 3 days!

There are 543 years’ difference between the Buddhist calendar and the Gregorian calendar. With Songkran being the start of the New Year. So, 2017 in Thailand the year is 2560! ...

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