Join us in Prayer

Our Prayers

On this page we will be sharing some of the many requests for prayer that, as a church, we receive. This might be from those on our WhatsApp group or those who approach our Prayer Tent or who respond to our Prayer Cards. You may also email a which you can ask to be added to those already appearing on this page.

Why Not Subscribe?

If you are not on WhatsApp then consider Subscribing via Email to the posts that appear on this page.
(You can also subscribe and unsubscribe via the "Options" link below.)

Responding to the Prayers Posted

Only authorised people may post on this page If you want to comment on any prayer you read below then you can contact the author of the prayer. Simply click/tap on the name of the author of that post and you will be taken to a screen where you can send them an email.

Our Virtual Prayer Room

Our WhatsApp Group

As well as our more traditional approaches to prayer, we now have a WhatsApp Prayer Group. (Find out more about WhatsApp.) Jerry, our Assistant Pastor, has set it up and it is hoped the group will encourage church members to continue the habit of praying for one another.

The service will offer a prayer alert service on WhatsApp, meaning we can share urgent prayer requests as soon as we hear about them and will provide text message alerts and occasional images or audio to help us pray.

How To Join

  1. Add +44 7733 837687 (Jerry's number) to your phone's contact list.
  2. Send a message via WhatsApp to him
  3. Jerry will add you to the group.

Or just your name and mobile number.

When using the group, please consider its purpose — to encourage prayer. Avoid personal chatting and sharing posts that could directly or indirectly hurt others. Verify the authenticity of a message before forwarding it to the group.

Prayer Tent

Those attending our main Sunday service will be aware that we always have a small team ready near the back of the church to support others in prayer.

Prayer Cards

If you live near our church you may well have had delivered a card that asks if you wish members of the church to join you in your prayers.