Our On-line Service

Online Service Graphic

Prepared for 22 March 2020

Welcome to our first experimental on-line service. We have tried to put together a service that reflects what would normally happen at Stalham Baptist Church at our regular Sunday Service.

We haven't got the technology or skill set to bring together an on-line choir so, for music, we are using YouTube Videos of the songs we might have sung. Feel free to sing along!

Please work through the service in order by viewing the video or listening to each item in turn.

Order of Service

1. Welcome & Opening Prayer - Diana Gordon

2. Song: As We Gather/The Steadfast love of the Lord

3. Song: O Spread Your Wings of mercy over Me

4. Bible Reading - John 18 v 1-14 - Daniel Nicholson

5. Talking Through Lent: Betrayal Of Jesus – Diana Gordon

6. Song: And can it Be

7. Intercessions – Jerry Otieno

8. Song: Hallelujah (Your Love Makes Me Sing)

9. Sermon - Ron Skivington

10. Song: You Are The Vine

11. Closing Prayer - Diana Gordon

One thing this service has left out is the collection! If you normally place money or a cheque in the collection bags during, the service please consider visiting our Donation Page and making an offering on line.

We can't offer our usual refreshments in the Stables after our on-line service, but members of our fellowship are requested to gather in the Church Forum to post their thoughts on the service and ideas for how these services can be developed.

Others may with their responses and ideas and they'll be forwarded to the worship leaders.

Help with Future Services

You could help with our future services! Why not...

We would welcome on this first attempt at an on-line service and your ideas for ways to make them more effective.