Our On-line Easter Service

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Prepared for Easter Day
12 April 2020

Welcome to our Easter service for 2020. Once again we can only offer an on-line service to replace what would normally take place at Stalham Baptist Church.

We haven't got the technology or skills to bring together an on-line choir so, for music, we are using YouTube Videos of the songs we might have sung had we all been together physically. Feel free to sing along! However, we can use the visuals that would normally be displayed during our services and we have found people able to record the audio for their part in the service.

Please work through the service in order by listening to each audio recording and then viewing the following video.

Order of Service


In our church at a normal Sunday service there might be a welcome or other messages displayed on the screen as you enter the church. Sometimes there might be something more, planned to introduce people to the topic for the sermon or some other part of the service.

Today is Easter so as you enter our virtual church you'll find an appropriate video showing!

On a normal Easter Sunday, there would have been a good number that had had a communal breakfast at the church, following the "Son Rise" service held at How Hill, a local landmark that overlooks the River Ant, one of the four main rivers of the famous Norfolk Broads. Down by the river there will always be a good number of holiday makers aboard boats. It's good to wake them with our praises of the Risen Son.

Click/tap on the image below to cycle through the photos taken at the How Hill Son Rise service a couple of years ago.

The Welcome

Pt1 - Ron Skivington

This is where, in a normal service, Ron might have asked us to talk with our neighbours to see if anyone knew or could guess the answer. Don't worry if you don't know the answer. It is revealed in Part Two.

Pt2 - Ron Skivington

Hymn: Up From The Grave He Rose

Hymn: See What A Morning

Introducing Three Videos

Introducing two hymns and the reading

Hymn: Christ Alone Cornerstone

Giving Graphic

At this point in the service we would normally take a collection. If you already give by standing order, then THANK YOU!

If not, then you may wish to visit our Donate Page, where you can find the details you need to make an offering by bank transfer, by Text (SMS) or by debit or credit card.

Hymn: Jesus Christ Is Risen Today

Reading - Norma Huxter

Sermon - Ron

Prayers - Ron

Hymn: In Christ Alone

Hymn: Thine Be The Glory

The Bendiction

Easterstone - Susie English

What you see below is a portion of a painting in acrylics by Susie English, completed with this service in mind. The original is 17" wide and 23" tall.

You may click/tap on the image to see the full work. It will open in a new window, so you will need to use your device's "back" button or close the window to return here.

On touch screen devices you'll be able to use pinch and stretch finger actions to zoom in and out of the image. On most lap/desktop machines you can click somewhere on the image to zoom to that part of the image. A second click will return you to view the whole image.

Susie English's Easter Painting

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Others may with their response and they'll be forwarded to the worship leader.

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