Our On-line Service

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Prepared for 25 October 2020

Welcome to our on-line service. Once again we offer a service to replace what would normally take place at Stalham Baptist Church.

We haven't got the technology or skills to bring together a virtual choir so, for music, we are using YouTube Videos of the songs we might have sung had we all been together physically. Do feel free to sing along! As you will see, the rest of the service comprises both audio and video recordings that attempt to simulate what might occur in one of our services taking place in more normal times.

Please work through the service in order by listening to each audio or video recording in turn as you scroll down the page.

Order of Service

Song - Vagabonds

Welcome - Jerry Otieno

Song - Living Water

Children's Talk - Douglas

Song - I've Got the Joy

Activities for this week:
Print, cut out and put the bees in the right place in the hive: Beattitudes Bee Hive

Song - As A Deer Pants For The Water

Intercessions - Elsa, Simone and Kalos Otieno

Song - More about Jesus

Sermon - Jerry Otieno

Song - Build Your Kingdom Here

Benediction - May the Peace of God

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Those in our Fellowship are welcome to offer comments on this service on the Church Forum.

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