Those Who Lead Us

As with all churches in the Baptist movement, our members elect our leaders, the deacons. They, with the approval of the members, appoint our pastor.

Our Pastor

Ron Skivington Rev. Ron Skivington

Ron and his wife Jane have been at the church since 1989.

Our Pastoral Assistant

Jerry Otieno Oluoch Rev. Jerry Otieno

Information Awaited.

Our Deacons

Maggie Harpur Maggie Harpur

"I was born again one evening in the summer of 1976 through the grace of God when He revealed the Lord Jesus to me by His Holy Spirit. From that miracle of a moment my inner life was totally transformed as I was restored to God and a new life began as He worked in and through me and will do so until the day of Jesus Christ. "From that moment I have had such a great passion for others to know the Lord Jesus as their Saviour I love meeting and building relationships with people from all social backgrounds and all levels of ability through the gifts of love, evangelism, encouragement and hospitality."

Current term on diaconate 2015-2018

Stewart Marsh Stewart Marsh

Stewart is married to Linda who deals with HMRC matters for the church.

Current term on diaconate 2016-2019

Geoff Reynolds Geoff Reynolds

Geoff and his wife Barbara fulfill various roles in church life.

Current term on diaconate 2016-2019

Lorraine Stuart Lorraine Stuart

I became a Christian in 1989 and have been a church member at SBC since moving to Norfolk in 1998. I like to do life with people and believe my gifts to be hospitality, evangelism and being an encourager.

Current term on diaconate 2016-2019

David Child David Child

Information Awaited!

Current term on diaconate 2017-2020

Diana Gordon Diana Gordon

I became a Christian in 1961, after being invited to a youth mission in my home town of Burnley. I Moved to Norfolk in 2012, and have attended SBC since then, becoming a member in April 2016. I am committed to serving God in the best way I can and my passion is to help the church move forwards in reaching out to a new generation of believers. I am married to Greg Chapman.

Current term on diaconate 2017-2020

Henry Nicholson Henry Nicholson

I first went to Sunday school as a young boy in the 1950’s until I was about fifteen years old. I did not think about church until I met my wife who later became a Christian. I would visit the Baptist church on odd occasions when my children were taking part in activities there. It was some time in the 1990’s when I became a Christian and was baptised later on November 28th 2010. I was elected by church members to the diaconate in April 2014.

Current term on diaconate 2017-2020