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Deacon, Diana Gordon, has been sending money to a young man in Pakistan so he can buy bibles for his church. When it came to a "big" birthday she refused offers of presents from members of the church and instead asked them to donate to the cause as well. This is her message of explanation and thanks to those who contributed.

Thank you for all of you who for my birthday gave me a donation for Urdu bibles for my friend in Pakistan. I was able to buy 40 bibles which my friend has now picked up from the Pakistani Bible Society and are being distributed to Christians who worship in the two churches he is involved in.

My friend and his family are among many persecuted Christians in Pakistan and has a remarkable story of endurance in the Christian faith. This is his story:

Congregation with Bibles

The family – Mum, Dad and three brothers lived in the Punjab province. The trouble began in 2009 when my friend’s younger brother, aged 14, misplaced Christian literature belonging to the eldest brother, pastor of a local church. A friend had called at the house and the pastor was not at home so he left the literature with the boy who had mistakenly taken it to school. He realized it was lost when his brother enquired after it and thought he must have misplaced it at school. So asked his classmates the next day. It then transpired that the missing documents were in the custody of one of his class mates who was from a very hard- line Muslim family.

There was then a blasphemy accusation made against the teenage boy. His school tried to resolve the matter when they saw there was no blasphemous content in the literature but the fundamental Muslims in the area incited students of other schools and colleges, to put up banners and local mosques demonstrated, demanding punishment for the teenager. Under mob pressure the police arrested the teenager and the elder brother went to the police station to say the papers belonged to him and it was he who mislaid the literature.

Bible Presentation Bible Presentation Bible Presentation

There was a court case and the family were absolved of blasphemy but the Muslim family who had started the blasphemy case were not satisfied and threatened to kill the brothers. Although they had lived in the area for over 60 years, my friend and his family then had to flee, leaving all their possessions behind. You can read the news story from that time using this link:

Blasphemy accusation against a Pakistani Christian teenager forces family to go into hiding

They cannot go back as they will be killed and if their persecutors find out where they are they will come after them and kill them. My friend says “We are not afraid, Jesus is with us. We did not stop to preach; we are doing it regularly and spreading gospel”.

They now live in Lahore and my friend works in Rawalpindi. His brother, who is the Pastor and who went to bible seminary, is responsible for the church in Lahore which they started and my friend is responsible for a church he has started in Rawalpindi, where he holds a service and preaches on Fridays and Sundays. All three brothers continue to preach the gospel and help persecuted Christians in the area where they now live.

They need bibles and also funds for both their church buildings. There are two ‘Go Fund Me’ campaigns to help raise money for both churches. Use the links below:

James Paul and Stephen

Roof for Paul's Church