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Prepared for 25 July 2021

Welcome to our on-line service. Here we offer a weekly service that used to replace what would have taken place in our church during the lockdown due to COVID-19.

We haven't got the technology or skills to bring together a virtual choir so, for music, we use YouTube and Vimeo Videos of the songs we might have sung had we all been together physically. As you will see, the rest of the service comprises both audio and video recordings that attempt to simulate what would have occurred in one of our services taking place in more normal times.

If you are new to our on-line services you might wish to view some of those prepared earlier. There are links to these on our Services page.

Please work through the service in order by listening to each audio or video recording in turn as you scroll down the page.

From 30 May 2021 we began to record the sermons at our live Sunday services. They will normally be uploaded to the Sermons page within 48 hours.

Order of Service

Welcome - Maggie Harpur

Song - May The People Praise You - Keith and Krysten Getty

Song - A New Hallelujah– Michael W Smith

Song - Build Your Kingdon Here – Maranatha

Children’s Story - Nehemiah Rebuilding the Walls of Jerusalem

Prayers - Maggie Harpur

Song - How Deep The Fathers Love Is – Fernando Ortega

Reading - Nehemiah 7:1–6 and 66–73 – Daniel Nicholson
Sermon - Rebuilding the People - Ron Skivington

Song - Guide Me Oh Thou Great Jehovah – Robin Marks

Benediction - Maggie Harpur

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