Membership & Baptism


We hope that you will come along and get involved in the fellowship and life of Stalham Baptist church and feel you belong to our family.

When you reach that point we would encourage you to consider membership at SBC. This allows you to show that you are committed to the church family, and also gives you the right to vote at church meetings, sharing the governance of church affairs, spiritual and practical.


Baptism is the outward demonstration of commitment to Jesus Christ where you are fully immersed in water to symbolise the washing away of sin and display union with Christ in His burial and rising again to new life.

Jesus said "Whoever believes and is baptised will be saved" (Mark 16:16)

Baptism is a significant step in everyone's lives. Everyone reaches the point when they decide to take it in their own way. Some use the event as a time to declare how they arrived at their decision. Hear one such declaration...

Nancy's Declaration of Faith

Now watch the baptism itself...

Our Pastor is always available to discuss baptism with you, and help you as you consider taking this wonderful step in your life.

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